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The OM Health Care is dedicated to Medical . We are the medical Pharamcist with expertise in the use of Our objectives are to provide State-of-the-Art service with professional care in order to achieve maximum Patient's Satisfaction and Excellent Results. These can only be achieved by strict Quality Control at every step starting from initial consultation, through the operative procedure and until the final outcome. All consultations are with the Doctor. They are carried out in a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere where all fears and frustrations along with emotional and physical aspects of treatment are discussed and treatment options are planned.

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Dr.AlamFor the manufacturing processes in Om Health Care Pharmacy automatic high speed spray drier unit, for quick liquification a tablet compressing device with the capacity for preparing per hour, high speed.Company has improves in very short time to achive its goal. Its in sister concern of embasis-Life science pvt.lmt



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