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Omcef-250 (C L)
Sterile Cefriaxaone 250 mg Sodium I.P
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Omcef-500 (C L)
Sterile Cefriaxone 500 Sodium I.P
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Omcef-S 375 (C L)
Ceftriaxome-250mg + Sulbactum inj-125mg
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Omcef-T 1.125mg (C L)
Ceftazidime(1g) + Tazobactam(125mg)
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OMCIN-100 (C L)
Amikacin -100 inj.
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OMCIN-500 (C L)
Amikacin -500 inj.
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Omcin 250 inj.
cefriaxone -250 inj.
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omcef-s-1.5g inj.
ceftriaxome 1000 mg + sulbactum -500 mg
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